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We at Netzoll were given a mission: to increase Truefitt & Hill’s sales in December, ensuring a cost-effective PPC spend that resonates with the brand’s luxurious appeal. Renowned as a beacon of male grooming excellence, Truefitt & Hill epitomises the fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication. Our strategy was meticulously crafted to mirror this ethos, deploying an innovative approach to digital marketing.


This December, we faced a cool new task for Truefitt & Hill. Our goal? To stand out in the crazy holiday ad rush and turn holiday shoppers into loyal customers. But here’s the twist: we took over the PPC management from another company. Our mission was to spend less on ads but still get better results. A tough but exciting challenge!


We created new ad campaigns including Google’s Performance Max, a cutting-edge solution that utilises AI to optimise ad placement across all Google networks. The key components of our strategy included:

  • Fresh Keyword Research: We dug deep to find the best keywords that really connect with what people are searching for.
  • Adding Negative Keywords: This helped us avoid wasting money on ads that don’t match what our audience needs.
  • New, Tailored Ads: We created ads that speak directly to our target customers, making sure they’re spot-on and eye-catching.
  • Using AI Smarts: Our AI tools worked their magic to choose where and when to show our ads for the best results.


The outcome was a testament to the prowess of AI in digital marketing:

  • Total Sales Achievement: We achieved a notable increase in total sales, recording a 29% rise compared to the previous year during the peak holiday season.
  • Conversion Rate Surge: Our online store experienced a significant boost in conversion rate, increasing by 8%, which signifies greater accuracy in reaching the right customer demographic.
  • Order Volume Growth: We saw a substantial growth in the total number of orders, with a 20% increase, highlighting the success of our Performance Max campaigns.
  • Increased Order Value: The average order value grew by 8%, indicating the high quality and appeal of our products to customers.

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