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Interesting TikTok Stats in 2024

TikTok, the video-sharing app under the ownership of the Beijing-based tech giant ByteDance, had its origins in China, debuting as Douyin in 2016. However, its global counterpart quickly transcended borders, creating an international sensation that has consistently attracted millions of new users annually.

While initially dismissed as a fleeting teenage trend, TikTok has defied expectations, firmly establishing itself as one of the most popular social media platforms in 2024. Despite being outranked in popularity by Facebook and Instagram, TikTok’s ascent continues unabated. Notably, the app’s brand value has surged by an astounding 215%, placing it among the most valuable media entertainment brands on a global scale. This remarkable growth leaves no room for doubt—TikTok has evolved into a profitable business model.

Beyond its appeal to young internet users, marketers have recognised its potential and are now dedicating more resources than ever to the platform. TikTok has become a highly lucrative business model, with marketers strategically investing time and financial resources to tap into its vast and engaged user base. As the app’s influence continues to grow, it has transformed into a thriving marketplace where creative content, advertising, and commerce seamlessly converge, offering opportunities for both users and businesses alike.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the latest and most crucial TikTok statistics that offer a glimpse into the platform’s ever-expanding influence. From its global reach and demographic trends to its impact on marketing and brand engagement, these key figures will help you navigate the TikTok phenomenon and understand its significance in the world of social media and beyond.

1. Global Reach of TikTok

According to a Statista, in 2022 TikTok solidified its status as the world’s most popular mobile app. Over the course of the year, it witnessed an astonishing 670 million downloads from users across the globe. This impressive download figure highlights TikTok’s widespread influence, as it continues to captivate and engage users on a massive scale, transcending geographical and demographic boundaries.

2. Global Gender and Age Distribution

TikTok’s user base exhibits a nearly even gender split, with approximately 49.2% of users identifying as women and 50.8% as men. This gender parity underscores the platform’s broad appeal, catering to a diverse audience.

TikTok resonates strongly with the youth, with women aged 18-24 forming 18.2% of the user base, slightly more than the men in the same age range at 18%. For those aged 25-34, women constitute 16.3% while men account for 16.6%, showcasing the platform’s considerable draw among young adults who are deeply integrated with the social media world and digital content creation.

3. Top TikTok User Bases Worldwide

According to Statista’s latest data, as of October 2023, the United States stands as the uncontested leader in TikTok’s user base, boasting an impressive 143 million users actively participating in the vibrant TikTok community. Following closely, Indonesia secures the second spot with approximately 106 million users, while Brazil clinches third place with nearly 95 million enthusiastic TikTok viewers and creators.

4. Content Creator Gender Split

In September 2022, among content creators, 55.3% were female, demonstrating the platform’s role in empowering women in the digital content space.

5. Global Social Network Realm

Market leader Facebook, part of the Meta Platforms family (Facebook platform, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram), achieved a historic milestone as the first social network to surpass one billion registered accounts. In the present day, it commands an astonishing three billion monthly active users, making it an undisputed behemoth in the social media realm. Notably, TikTok has risen to prominence, securing the sixth place in global social media rankings. Its rapid growth and appeal have made it a major player in the social media, transcending international boundaries and captivating users worldwide.

6. Social Media ROI Survey

A global survey conducted in October 2022, focusing on both B2B and B2C marketers, revealed key insights into the effectiveness of social media platforms in terms of return on investment (ROI) for that year. Notably, 22% of respondents identified Facebook as the top performer in delivering ROI. In a close competition for second place, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok each captured the votes of 16% of respondents. LinkedIn, recognised by 7% of the surveyed marketers, took third place.

7. Video Marketing Across Platforms

In a comprehensive survey conducted in November 2022 targeting marketing experts globally, an overwhelming 86% acknowledged leveraging Facebook videos for their marketing strategies. Interestingly, YouTube topped the chart as the preferred platform for video marketing, cited by a notable 90% of the participants. TikTok, while relatively newer in the arena, made a significant impact, with 35% of the surveyed marketing professionals incorporating it into their promotional tactics. This data underscores the growing importance of video content in modern marketing across various digital platforms, reflecting the shifting trends in consumer engagement and content consumption.

8. TikTok’s Ad Removal Efforts

During the first quarter of 2023, TikTok significantly ramped up its efforts to maintain platform integrity, removing around three million ads as a result of account actions, a 40% decrease from the previous quarter. This metric is key as it signals a cleaner, user-friendly environment, potentially indicating better compliance with ad policies or more efficient moderation tools. Fewer ad removals can improve the user experience, bolster advertiser confidence, and contribute to the platform’s credibility and user engagement levels. This vigilance in ad management underscores TikTok’s dedication to maintaining a high-quality content space for its community.

9. TikTok’s Fake Engagement Removed

TikTok undertook significant measures to preserve the authenticity of its platform. In the first quarter of 2023, removed approximately 1.25 billion fake followers, a notable decrease of about 14% from the previous quarter’s figure. Additionally, the platform also eradicated around 537 million fake likes in the latest quarter.

The significance of this metric lies in its impact on the platform’s credibility and the value it offers to creators and advertisers. Fake followers and likes inflate engagement metrics, distorting the real influence and reach of content creators. By proactively removing them, TikTok is working to ensure that the engagement data presented to creators, brands, and advertisers is accurate and trustworthy.

10. Top Hashtags on TikTok

By January 2023, the acronym “fyp” short for “for you page,” had become TikTok’s most popular hashtag, accumulating nearly 35 trillion views on posts tagged accordingly. Following closely in popularity was the hashtag “for you,” which recorded about 21.1 trillion views on TikTok’s short-video format. Additionally, the hashtag “duet,” used for TikTok’s interactive videos that allow creators to share, mirror, and add comments, garnered around three trillion views at the beginning of 2023.

Wrapping Up

TikTok has proven its resilience and adaptability, consistently breaking new ground and expanding its influence. With strategic ad management, a crackdown on inauthentic engagement, and a nuanced understanding of its diverse and expansive user base, TikTok has fashioned itself into an essential pillar of the social media. Its potent blend of entertainment and commercial opportunity continues to attract users and marketers alike, setting the stage for continued growth and innovation. As TikTok moves forward, it stands not only as a social media trendsetter but also as a shaper of how we create, share, and consume content.

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