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Rethinking Brand Keyword Bidding in Google Ads

When it comes to online advertising, Google Ads is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective platforms. Many businesses invest substantial resources into optimising their campaigns, aiming to attract more customers and increase their brand visibility. However, a common question arises: should you bid on your own brand keywords? While it may seem counterintuitive, there are compelling reasons why businesses should reconsider investing in bidding on their own brand keywords with Google Ads. This article explores the drawbacks and potential pitfalls of such a strategy.

1. Unnecessary Expenses

One of the primary concerns with bidding on your own brand keywords is the cost factor. Since brand keywords typically have a high relevance and low competition, they tend to be more affordable to bid on. However, this can lure businesses into a false sense of security, leading to unnecessary expenses. When users search for your brand, there is a high likelihood that they are already familiar with your business and intend to visit your website directly. Paying for ads targeting these users can be redundant and wasteful.

2. Cannibalising Organic Traffic

By bidding on your own brand keywords, you risk cannibalising your organic traffic. Organic search results are usually displayed prominently on Google, and users often trust them more than paid advertisements. When you bid on your brand keywords and have both paid ads and organic listings displayed simultaneously, you may end up diverting traffic away from your organic listings to the paid ads. Consequently, you may pay for clicks that you would have otherwise obtained organically, without any cost.

3. Competitor Exploitation

Another significant concern when bidding on your own brand keywords is the potential for competitors to exploit your investment. Competitors can bid on your brand terms and display their ads alongside yours, potentially diverting your customers to their offerings. This not only dilutes your brand presence but also results in wasted ad spend, as you’re essentially paying for clicks that lead to your competitors’ websites. By not participating in the bidding war for your own brand keywords, you can save your ad budget for more strategic campaigns.

4. Limited Insights and Data

Google Ads provides valuable data and insights about user behaviour, which can be utilised to refine and optimise campaigns. However, when you bid on your own brand keywords, the data generated may not be as insightful or actionable. Users who directly search for your brand are likely to have a high purchase intent and already be familiar with your business, making it difficult to draw meaningful conclusions from their behaviour. Focusing on broader, non-branded campaigns allows you to gather more diverse and useful data to inform your advertising strategies.

5. Better Allocation of Resources

Rather than spending your advertising budget on bidding for your own brand keywords, you can allocate those resources to more impactful marketing initiatives. By targeting non-branded keywords, you have the opportunity to reach new audiences, expand your customer base, and increase brand awareness among potential customers who are not yet familiar with your business. Investing in broader campaigns can help you capture new leads, drive conversions, and foster long-term growth.

Protect Your Brand and Budget

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